SKYLINE track LED lighting system

Tension track system SKYLINE — a new principle of placement!

Track system with a new design — tension track.

Open up new horizons in interior design!

  • Simplest installation
  • Multi-level placement
  • Safe to use

Tension track system SKYLINE — a new principle of placement!

The system allows the use of tension and overhead track installation options.

Create different lighting scenarios using combinations of tension and overhead tracks.
Change and add lamps without complicated installation and create light accents where you need them.

Tension version of the track

Tension track — The latest development in the field of track lighting.

It is a flexible tire with a built-in power line and a string structure that stretches between two fasteners located on opposite sides of the track.

One of the important advantages is ease of installation. It is enough to fix 2 fasteners at the required distance between the walls or in a vertical plane between the ceiling and floor and stretch the track between them. This allows you to adjust the height and direction of the track placement without additional installation work.

It also makes it possible to place a track system in places where the ceiling is not intended for the installation of standard tracks.

The luminaires are connected to the track via hidden screw connections with the ability to easily move to the required distance.

Flexible track profile
Luminaire power terminals
Mounting carriage for luminaires
Hanging lamp

Attention — innovation:)

The advantage of the SKYLINE system is the use of COB strip diodes, which are built into the track profile along its entire length. In this case, the track itself can serve as a light source without the use of hanging lights or in combination with them.

Attention — innovation:)

Use the tension track as an independent source of diffused light.

No point diodes. Only COB!

The system uses a tape with a diode made using COB (chip on board) technology. This allows you to create an even light flux along the entire length of the tape.

The tape can be shortened by simply cutting it to the desired size.

No point diodes. Only COB!

You can easily adjust the lighting scenario you need thanks to the rotating mechanisms located in the fasteners.

Direct the light directly onto the desired surface or create reflective diffused light.
The hinged design allows the tracks to be placed at an angle of up to 45° relative to the mounting axis.

Overhead track option

The system can also be placed directly on the surfaces of walls and ceilings using the surface-mounting principle.

To do this, the flexible track is fixed in pre-placed guides according to the principle of glass seals.

With angular placements, transitions are smooth and aesthetic due to the elastic properties of the track.

The principle of mounting the lamp
Lenses on a row lamp
Lamp carriage
Flexible track

Various combinations of lamps using the overhead principle of placement

Tension and overhead combinations

Combine tension and overhead track options to make the most of all the functionality and benefits of the system!

1 — Wall mount

2 — Tension track with built-in LED line

3 — Pendant lamp SPOT-S

4 — Row lamp LINE S

5 — Overlay track

6 — Triple Switch

7 — Row lamp LINE SPOT S

8 — Power box with transformer

9 — SPOT-S lamp

10 — Corner switch

11 — Line switch

Options for connecting tracks using switching elements.

SKYLINE — Life in bright light!