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Since 2017 we are the most dynamically developing project in the field of interior solutions with our own ideology and mission: To make high-quality and modern lighting accessible to everyone and, thereby, increase the overall level of aesthetics in people’s lives. — New lamps and chandeliers appear first here!

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Follow designer lighting trends with us!

To date, we have more than 5,000 designers and architects, as well as world-class design studios, who have appreciated our approach to quality and working conditions.

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Follow designer lighting trends with us!

VILLALIGHT ™ — Lights and chandeliers for villas and high ceilings
KITCHENLIGHT ™ — The best lamps for the kitchen and dining area
HOTELLIGHT ™ — Chandeliers and lamps for hotels and staircases
RESTOLIGHT ™ — Lamps and chandeliers for designer restaurants and HORECA

Buy not just a chandelier or a lamp, but create your own style with our range of lighting!

It would seem that buying a chandelier in physical stores or on the Internet is not such a difficult task. However, the choice of new designer lamps is rather limited and lags far behind global trends. Not to mention the fact that the market is still dominated by a mass of the same type and outdated chandeliers and lamps of different quality, though at very low prices.

First of all, we differ in that, moving with the times and keeping abreast of new developments in design, every day we enlarge our catalogue with conceptual pieces and interesting models that you can always buy in our online store before anyone else.

And this is the guarantee of the most relevant and accurate solutions that give new life to your interior.



Chandeliers and lamps with a ring frame are the choice of the world’s top designers.

Designer chandeliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates.

Pendants and single lamps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates.

Wall lamps and sconces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates.

Row lamps and chandeliers with a long body in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates.

Tension track system SKYLINE

Tension track -

a NEW principle of placement on any surface...

and even in the air!

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We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.

One of the most famous inventions traditionally attributed to Edison was the light bulb. In fact, Thomas did not invent the light bulb — the idea was proposed long before him. Edison managed to develop the first incandescent lamp, profitable in terms of production and sales. Previous prototypes had many shortcomings — some quickly burned out, others consumed a lot of current, and others were prohibitively expensive. After much experimentation, Edison finally found a suitable filament for an incandescent lamp.

In 1880, Edison founded his own company called the Edison Illuminating Company. And after two years of existence, this company built the world’s first power plant.

Thomas can be called one of the most prolific inventors in world history.

It is thanks to his works that we see this world as it is.

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